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Thriving In Crisis #1

Personal Growth In Hard Times. Cohort 1 starting March 2023

Course start dates-
Part one released online March 13th
First weekly catch up March 20th 6-7.30pm in Cobargo

Welcome! I’m delighted to introduce you to the long awaited and timely project - Thriving in Crisis.

  • Do you sometimes feel restless and jittery, angry and irritable or may be anxious and panicky?
  • Do you find yourself clenching your jaw or not sleeping well, or both?
  • Do you crave sweet or salty foods, sweat profusely sometimes, or get frequent colds?
  • Do you occasionally freeze up, or feel foggy, or dizzy and find it difficult to focus on a task?
  •  Do you feel like it’s really hard to string words together sometimes, and forget peoples names or what you were talking about?
  •  Do you sometimes feel exhausted, disconnected from life or emotionally numb?

If you’re feeling any of these symptoms you’re having a perfectly normal response to a traumatic event and/or previous/ongoing trauma, but there are two things worth considering:

  1. We, as a community are mostly affected either by collective crisis or previous trauma
  2. We all have the ability to heal from trauma and/or PTSD if we choose to

Thriving in Crisis is an online course supporting personal growth in hard times, that gives us a tool box of mental and emotional management skills for life. Thriving in Crisis is a course is for anyone who has been through any sort of trauma, which, let’s face it, we all have!

Thanks to the generous support of Vinnies and the Cobargo Wellness Group, this course has become a reality. As a subscriber to the first Thriving in Crisis course you will have lifetime access to the online material and the opportunity to join future cohorts. Thriving in Crisis was created after delivering Mindful Mondays two years previously, which was a twelve week in-person course that was very impactful.

Whether a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, we all need to constantly work on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

As a Thriving in Crisis community member you will be able to:

  • Implement a mental health plan that creates a solid foundation to deal with anything from day to day challenges right up to health and environmental crisis.
  • Understand and implement what experts in trauma recovery are using around the world.
  • Know how to process stored trauma, have access to the course and all the tools for life, and create familiar habits for the rest of our lives.
  • Connect with like minded people in our community, supporting each other to flourish.

Course Contents
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I realised that my delayed recovery, my loss of memory, my difficulty to read and concentrate, wasn't weakness or a personal failing but the result of trauma…since it (Mindful Mondays) began I have found strength to address some big health issues, including facing an addiction.. FR Dignams Creek

Sarah's meditations are fabulous and along with the many techniques taught each week, students are calmly guided in building skills to assist with personal resilience.” LK Yowrie

a practitioner from now on. Reviewing all of the practices each week was fabulous and has cemented them in my mind, so when I am feeling anxious or triggered the techniques to calm my nervous system are right there at the forefront of my mind for me to recall and begin to implement straight away…” MP Yowrie

I found it a positive space to be in. (Each week) has set me up for the week. Thank you". L

It was a bit devastating to realise how frozen I've been for so long. Yikes! Thank you thank you thank you for pushing past the barbed wire fences of doubt / fear and packing in so much. What you are doing is very needed". F

How does the course work?

There are 8 parts which will be delivered weekly starting from Monday March 13th 2023, when Part 1 will be released.
After enrolment, you will receive the introduction which will whet your appetite and give you a strong feel for the great journey ahead of us.
The online course consists of videos, audios, pdfs and quizzes, along with exercises and tools you can use in daily life. Supplementary material will allow you to go deeper if you wish.

There will be live weekly catch ups at the Cobargo Community Access Centre which will start on
Monday 20th March from 6-7.30pm. Here we will discuss the online material and practice concepts and tools.
The final completion date is May 15th (which includes a week off for Easter).

Your investment of $250 includes 8 weeks of online material and 8 live weekly catch ups in Cobargo.
There are only 14 places available in the first cohort, so book your space soon!
Payment plans and some half price concessions are available. Call Sarah on 0417 684 300 to request a concession.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thriving In Crisis is an online course with weekly in person catch ups. This is your chance to create a healthy foundation of life skills concerning mental, emotional and physical well-being, which will support you through anything life throws your way.

Thriving in Crisis is 9 weeks long and consists of 8 weeks of online material and 8 in person catch ups. (There will be a week off for Easter.)

The introduction and self assessment will be available online after booking and payment.

The first of 8 parts of the online course will be released on Monday March 13th 2023.
A new part will be released each Monday after that until May 8th (there will be a one week break on Easter Monday April 10th)

The first of the 8 in person catch ups will be on Monday March 20th from 6-7.30pm
Then each Monday after that until May 15th (there will be a one week break on Easter Monday April 10th)

The first of 8 catch ups will be on Monday March 20th from 6-7.30pm at Cobargo Community Access Centre Unit 5/6 48 Princes Hwy, Cobargo.
Then every Monday from 6-7.30 pm after that until May 15th (there will be a one week break on Easter Monday April 10th) 

The weekly catch ups are an opportunity to ask any questions about the previous weeks material presented online. It’s also a place to discuss how we’re feeling if we want to but not compulsory. We’ll practice the tools and answer any questions that come up, and discuss how they fit into our daily lives.
It will be an opportunity to connect with like minded people and to encourage each other. Connection is a great way to accelerate the healing process.

If you’re feeling any of the symptoms listed at the top of this page and/or you know how vital it is to have a healthy foundation of mental, emotional and physical health to equip you for whatever lies ahead, then this course is for you.

Sarah Campbell Lambert, holistic practitioner who has lived experience of a crisis and knows what works through evaluating therapies, workshops and events as founder of the Cobargo Wellness Group, and Martin Billingham, Psychotherapist, who has extensive experience with clients and group work in a variety of settings eg, men’s groups, schools and prisons. 

The online information is released a week before the live catch up. This gives plenty of time to absorb the concepts and practice the tools. During this time questions can be compiled ready to discuss at the in person catch ups. The catch ups support us to keep on track, answer questions, practice tools and give us a chance to get to know like minded people.

It takes time to create new ways of being, new habits, practice the tools to make them an automatic response in hard times, and work out how the tools will fit into our daily lives.

Lifetime access to the online course full of videos, audio, pdfs and quizzes.
Exercises and tools you can use in everyday life.  
Supplementary material and bibliography to help you to go deeper if you wish.
A private online discussion board to interact with your Thriving community.
Eight weekly in person catchups in Cobargo to support you on your journey. 

The $250 cost covers lifetime access to the 8 part online course and the 8 weekly catchups. The value is worth many times more.
Payment plans and concessions available.
There are a few 50% off concessions available thanks to generous donations.
Call Sarah Campbell Lambert on 0417 684 300 to discuss a concession.

There are 14 places available for this first cohort.

The group experience is for an hour and a half each week for eight weeks and is hugely valuable for many reasons:-

  1. We can feel alone and misunderstood when we’re suffering emotionally and the signs we give out can be misinterpreted by those we’re close to. Connecting with like minded people who have a desire to recover has been proven time and time again to be an invaluable part of our healing journey. 
  2. Everything discussed and experienced is highly confidential. 
  3. There is no requirement to share or speak about anything at the meet ups.
  4. Keeping each other motivated and on track is very beneficial to getting the most out of this course.
  5. Sharing ideas and experiences adds value to the course.
  6. Having two highly qualified therapists with lived experience of crisis in a group setting is not only supportive but creates a safe and understanding place for exploring mental and emotional wellness. 

It will be to your advantage to attend the live catch ups and get the most out of the course. It’s always great to go through something as life changing as this with others and meet up in person. Scientific studies have proven that connection with like minded, supportive people is the bedrock of physical wellness and emotional well being.

The catch ups are an important commitment where you can really get the most out of the course. If you miss a catch up, and need support, then private sessions (at an additional cost) are available with Martin or Sarah.

All of the resources for Thriving in Crisis are on line so they can be accessed where ever you have internet.
Each weekly part will take under an hour to go through. The tools can be practiced at any time during the week, the more often the better.
The course has been carefully planned to run in a progressive sequence which means that missing any parts will make the course less effective.
You will, however, be able to go back over any of the parts at any time after they have been made available.

Sometimes things come up that can feel overwhelming. Private sessions are available during the course and you can book a session with Sarah or Martin for an additional cost. You will be supported every step of the way.

Your Course Facilitators

Sarah Campbell Lambert

Course creator and facilitator

Sarah is a Holistic Therapist qualified in kinesiology, hypnosis, Psyche-K, massage and bodywork, and is a Reiki Master. Sarah has been using mindfulness, meditation and creative visualisations for the past 30 years and uses these skills, along with the other modalities in private sessions, workshops and retreats. Sarah formed the NFP The Cobargo Wellness Group after the Black Summer Bushfires in 2019/20 so that these therapies could be accessible to all who wanted them. She has provided private sessions, events, workshops, community gatherings and a major project in 2021-22, the Ginger the Frog Program - emotional wellbeing for children aged 3-7 years and their carers, a musical theatre show and on line program which toured throughout NSW. The most recent event was a New Years Eve gathering for approximately 700 people. Thriving in Crisis is her life’s work after her experiences with thousands of people who have suffered from environmental crisis, the effects of the pandemic, and personal trauma.

Martin Billingham

Assistant  facilitator

Martin is an experienced psychotherapist having spent over 15 years working with adults, children and couples facilitating change through exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours. His approach is person centred to address concerns that include emotional wellbeing, relationships, grief, trauma and addiction.
In addition, Martin has facilitated workshops including parenting, separation, mindfulness, meditation, grief and loss, domestic violence and communication skills for over 10 years.

Course Pricing

Your investment of $250 includes 8 weeks of online material and 8 live weekly catchups in Cobargo. 
Payment plans and some half price concessions are available. 
Call Sarah on 0417 684 300 to request a concession.